Make a Fox

The know how

If you visited me at a show this Autumn and picked up a flyer, you can now use it for a chance to win £50 worth of stationery!

So, how do you do it? Here is a handy infographic to help you. There is also a handy video in my Instagram highlights.


For your change to win:

1. Make me

2. Take a photo of me (Get creative!)

3. Like, Follow + Share it with me on Instagram or FaceBook

4. Tag me @HEYORIGAMIFOX and use the hashtags #heyorigamifox and #heymakeafox

Note: if you have a private Instagram account, you’ll need to DM me your entry as I won’t see it automatically.

Entries close: midnight 27 October 2019

Winner will be notified by 5 November 2019

Have fun, get creative and good luck!