Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Themes


Image credit: Kelsie Low Photography

So, you’re engaged (yippee!) and you’ve finally taken a little time off cloud nine to start your wedding planning. But wait, what’s that noise? It’s the sound of every person in your life telling you the must (and must nots) of your wedding.

It can feel a little overwhelming – sometimes it can be helpful, sometimes not so much – but once you switch off the background noise and focus on what YOU really want, the whole experience can be much more fun. Every decision is up to you and your partner – just remember, it’s YOUR day.

What’s Your Flavour?

One of the questions you will be asked again and again in the earlier stages of wedding planning is, “What’s your theme?”. I’m going to let you in on a secret – you don’t need one! Wedding themes are entirely optional. Dum dum dum!

While some brides and grooms will have a certain theme or idea in mind and build their wedding up around it, others may have no clue what they would like. A theme may or may not be important to you and that’s ok. After all, your wedding should be a time for happiness, fun and the beauty of your wedding is that it is exactly that –  yours.

Location, Location, Location

That being said, most people will find that a theme will naturally emerge as their wedding planning starts to develop. You may find that your venue, location or something that is special to you as a couple provides inspiration. It doesn’t need to be a solid theme, it can simply be a mood board of ideas and concepts – i.e. When you find yourself pinning the same things on Pinterest – that eventually form your wedding aesthetics.

You’ve probably heard many smug marrieds tell you that “once you choose your venue, everything else will fall into place.” To be fair, I would have to agree. The location and venue of your wedding will reflect your unique tastes and personalities as a couple, which will likely form some inspiration for the other wedding aesthetics.


Customising your Wedding Theme

Many of my clients choose the ZigZag range as the format works really well for ‘setting the scene.’ As my signature format and the design that I created for our own wedding, this is a versatile choice which I can customise in design and illustration to suit your personal needs, preferences and style. It is a compact choice that keeps all the information in one place. AND it stands up, meaning that your guests can pop it on a mantelpiece or shelf.

The Envelope is another popular choice, which is usually taken by couples who want to have a map as the main feature. A map can prove very significant for those couples who love travelling around the world together and seeing different countries, those who had a long-distance relationship at some point, are from different countries or just have a really cool location. My customers love how the invitation folds to become its own envelope, perfect for creating a little suspense and building up to the ultimate reveal.


Over to You

Indeed, one of the best parts about choosing Origami Fox for your wedding stationery is that I offer such a personal service with absolutely no cookie-cutter ideas or tired designs that give into passing trends, even though we can still take inspiration from them.

I love really getting to know every couple to find out what makes you both tick as individuals and as a team. This means I can create some quirky designs that will be so unique to you both and add a little flourish throughout your wedding – from save the dates and invitations to the table plans and day stationery – that make your day your own. Aside from the venue itself and your unique preferences, you might also want to consider the month or season your wedding falls in. Just think snowflakes, vivid spring greens or autumn leaves.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to work closely together with every couple to create something beautiful. Your wedding stationery can also be a keepsake that you will take away from the day and cherish for years to come. That’s why it’s important to make it something meaningful that will elicit positive and heartfelt emotions when you take it out to show the grandchildren.

Check out my Instagram page to see some of the designs I’ve made for couples over the years, and do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your wedding themes and stationery design. I’d love to work with you to create wedding stationery that is personal, creative, often quirky but ultimately yours!

Gavin McGregor