It’s All in the Fold


The clue is in the name as many folds are inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami and its many intricate details, along with my obsession with paper and print.

I love to use my blog to give potential clients a peek behind the scenes at Origami Fox and to learn what you can expect from choosing me to create and design your wedding stationery. This post gives a rundown of the most popular folds as well as some upcoming folds that I can’t wait to share with you!

Don’t forget, you can always make your own suggestions for folds and designs – this is your wedding and I am just playing a part so you can have exactly what you want.


Zig and Zag

My original signature fold is the ZigZag This is a super-versatile style that can be customised with your unique theme, colour palette and illustrations, and can come with or without a separate or detachable RSVP – check out the Origami Fox portfolio for some examples of how couples have chosen to play with the ZigZag base.

If you fancy something a little more compact – perhaps you want to keep details down to the essentials or prefer a more minimalist style, the Zig-Fold is the ideal choice, which includes a detachable RSVP.

Another popular choice is the Zig-Roll – this one folds in on itself to create a sneak peek and reveal. Many couples love to create that additional element of surprise and it can also be a great way to jazz up your order of service and feature your church or venue. A great compact format that fits in a jacket pocket, handbag or sporran.


Postage and Packing

Another of my unusual folds is The Envelope. This is a popular choice for those couples who want a twist on the traditional envelope design and want to create a very special way to make their reveal. A postcard RSVP (customised, of course) can be popped inside for a neat fit and one charming little package, sealed with a custom sticker.


Shine Bright Like a Diamond

As the traditional engagement ring stone, diamonds are believed to represent love and eternity, and apparently bring a sense of clarity to anyone who wears them. Who knew?! While my typical customer leans towards more quirky, alternative style rings and adventurous proposals, this is the perfect fold for couples who want a variation on The Envelope. It could work with a venue that has stained glass or even if you just love all things geometric, like Liz & Dom.

In Good Fortune

To really visualise this fold, I want you to cast your mind way back to primary school and playing with your friends during break time. Did you ever create paper fortune tellers? I certainly did! But did you know that this design is actually an origami fold?

Back in the day, my friends and I would write different numbers and words or draw colours in between the folds to tell each other’s fortunes. Today, I use this fold to tell the fortune of you and your husband- or wife-to-be, and to share your fortune with your wedding guests! This is a fun and super creative way to play with your wedding stationery, and your guests will no doubt adore the idea! There’s a lot of different folds in this design, too, so it gives you the chance to create lots of different reveals and convey your information in a unique way. Have a look on google.

Roll With It

The final fold in the Origami Fox upcoming portfolio is The Roller. This is a smoother fold that gives a classic look and a very contemporary feel. There is so much space to play with this fold as it has a fluid design that, like the ZigZag, works with just about any wedding theme, concept and location.

For more details on any of our folds or to have a chat about your dream wedding stationery, contact Origami Fox today! Remember, every design can be adapted, customised and personalised to suit you and your day. All the invitation sets include design, illustration and a custom map specific to your wedding day, production and delivery to you.

Gavin McGregor