Keeping Snail Mail Alive with Beautiful Wedding Stationery


There are so many small ways to feel good every day and I’m totally on board with the mindfulness movement. A recent article on Tiny Buddha gave 50 Ways to Be More Peaceful and Mindful Throughout Your Day. It includes plenty of lovely ideas including breathing in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and taking a walk without any set destination. With Origami Fox located among the hills and valleys of the Scottish borders, walking is one of my favourite things to do! But my personal highlight on the Tiny Buddha list was the suggestion to do something creative and childlike, like making someone a card or colouring. While the smell of coffee and other relaxation techniques such as mindfulness and massage are wonderful, simple ways to feel amazing, being creative is such a special outlet for all types of emotions.


I love channelling my feelings and emotions into designing stationery to fit every couple. I get such a kick out of translating your wedding stationery design dreams into reality! It’s a very personal process where every couple receives a unique end product including any (or all) of the save the dates, invitations, table plans, menus, table names and more. Take your pick! For someone like me who loves paper, print and design, you might say this is a dream come true when I spend my days in the studio creating new, fun and original designs to fit with your wedding.


Send Something Amazing

Another part of my job that I love is the fact that it helps to keep snail mail alive and kicking. Creating one-of-a-kind wedding stationery design that will be printed onto something physical to be treasured forever is so rewarding! I created the tag ‘Send Something Amazing’ for the Origami Fox brand to highlight just how wonderful it is to champion a concept that creates something distinctive from scratch that couples can then send out in the post before their wedding day. Take a moment to consider this – how long has it really been since you received something via snail mail that you were truly excited about? If you’ve been online shopping, that’s one thing but then you know exactly what to expect and you’ve spent money to receive it. The rest of what comes through the letterbox is usually just pizza menus and window cleaner leaflets that get put straight into the recycling.


An Invitation to Treasure

Receiving a wedding invitation in the post is a whole different story. It’s a way of connecting with those people you love – and those chosen few that have made the cut onto your wedding list – through a mode of communication that shows how much thought, care, attention and personality you’ve invested into all aspects of your wedding. While snail mail is often considered outdated, it is the traditional aspect that should be cherished. Electronic communications are all about speed and clicking through onto the next email before you’ve even finished reading the current one. Snail mail is the total opposite. It offers authenticity, meaning and permanence – in fact, these are just a few traits that could be used to describe a successful marriage!


The Beauty of the Tangible

For brides and grooms, it can obviously be so tempting to send your save the dates and invites via email. But resisting the urge to just send it all electronically means that you will have something so much more meaningful. You can play with fonts and designs that are not limited to the computer’s ability but free in the hands of your creative and adventurous Origami Fox designer. Snail mail really is an art and keeping it authentic is no mean feat but it’s certainly not dead just yet.

“Do you not still get a little thrill of anticipation when the postman shows up, even though you know 99% of what you receive will not hold any value for you? There might be a surprise waiting.”

Kern Lewis, we couldn’t agree more. We all love to receive mail and we would certainly add this to the Tiny Buddha list as number 51:

‘Receiving something awesome in the post.’


Wedding Stationery Design Options

When you receive a wedding invitation via email, that entire sense of anticipation and excitement at opening the envelope and holding something real in your hands is missing. It’s just not the same reading the invite on a computer screen as it is holding it in your hands. By choosing wedding stationery design and physical invites that speak about you as a couple or fit with your wedding theme (if you have one!) you are also giving your guests something to pop on the fridge or prop on the mantelpiece to build anticipation before the wedding day.

Our popular ZigZag range enhances your invitations with a ‘reveal’ that features in the Zig-Fold and Zig-Roll designs. Weddings are all about fun, joy, excitement and a sense of the unknown – and the Origami Fox stationery fits perfectly within this fold. We all invest so much time, thought and effort into designing our perfect wedding. With invitations acting as the very first introduction and build-up to your day, it makes perfect sense that these should be designed with plenty of TLC. So, let’s get started!

Browse the portfolio with plenty of inspiration for your wedding stationery design! If you’d like to talk more about creating your perfect wedding stationery, then contact me at Origami Fox today. I aim to get back to all enquiries within 48 hours and am always keen to talk about the dreams you have for your wedding stationery design… and how I will make them come true!

Gavin McGregor