The Lowdown on Wedding Stationery Trends 2018

While I encourage all my clients to embrace their individuality and creativity when choosing wedding stationery, sometimes inspiration can come from current trends in home and fashion. There are some beautiful new design ideas in wedding trends and concepts emerging for 2018, and I’m excited to share my pick of the ones that caught my imagination.

These trends can be taken as they come with a simple, effortless design or customised to your wedding colour palette and style for something that is really personal. And remember, if any of these wedding stationery trends spark your creative inspiration, give me a call and we can make your idea a reality.

Foliage + Greenery

Over the past couple of years, the trend for abundant flowers and a diverse colour palette has slowly been replaced by a move back to basics with classic greenery and traditional foliage. Think bouquets with plenty of greens, fronds and frills along with a natural appearance for the bohemian bride. This trend has made its way into wedding stationery with organic, natural and botanical influences creating new ideas for texture, colour and tone. It is especially popular for destination weddings to enhance an organic Grecian background, and for autumn nuptials where the changing colours of the leaves lend themselves beautifully to a unique design pattern.

Edison Bulbs

Lighting can be one of the most important choices in your wedding décor, especially if you’re choosing to go al fresco for a part of the big day. Edison bulbs give a funky, retro-style appearance and they look set to make a dazzling appearance in the wedding stationery trend stakes for 2018. Individual bulbs provide a kooky add-on to smaller, more intimate weddings while strings of bulbs bring an ethereal touch to a larger gathering. I love to indulge all the senses with my wedding stationery and look forward to drawing on the Edison bulb through some bright new designs – I’m a science geek at heart.

Rustic / Backyard weddings

The barn weddings trend shows no sign of abating but this idea of a rustic style wedding has expanded into the backyard theme. Lots of couples are choosing to go communal style with large barbecues or buffets for their wedding breakfast and an effortlessly cool ‘in the garden’ style reception. This is one of the wedding stationery trends that lends itself beautifully to customisation. You can choose to complement the rustic theme with your stationery design or provide a chic contrast with minimalist, glamorous stationery designed to impress.

Geode + Crystals

Geode and crystal styled wedding details are rocking it for 2018, and I’ve already been playing with some watercolour palettes to create the perfect backdrop to geode-inspired stationery. Geode slice place names and settings and save the dates with crystal design formations are all going to be big. Perhaps the fastest growing niche within this trend is geode wedding cakes featuring edible crystals, along with sweet treats such as rock candy covered cupcakes – yum! Delicious and oh-so striking. This trend fits nicely with bohemian or modern chic weddings and is also handy for those on a budget who want to build on a naturally beautiful venue and backdrop with simple yet exceptional detail.


At Origami Fox we love colour, so we’re very much on board with the neon trend.  Neon is a bold, adventurous and super-fun trend for brides- and grooms-to-be. I love that neon has such an expressive tone and texture which can be translated across the colour spectrum to create show stopping designs that have never been seen before – just check these prints by Ampersand Design Studio for inspiration! It’s all about creating the perfect balance between whimsical and kitsch with a healthy dose of sassy and sweet, and the perfect typography. From hot-pink to day-glow orange and lime green to fuchsia pink, neon can be busy and vibrant or casual and slick. Either way, neon always makes an impact and tantalises your guests with the promise that the party is going to be a good one.


Especially popular for late summer and early autumn weddings, dahlias look set to be the It flower of 2018. This exquisite bloom provides an abundant starting point for a remarkable design concept. Dahlias are extremely sophisticated and chic with a dynamic shape that comes in many different colours. This flower can be softer and more muted or vibrant and striking – I can already visualise some incredible dahlia-based designs that I am hoping to create for 2018 weddings inspired by decorative elements and floral aesthetics.

Paper Lanterns

It’s no wonder that paper lanterns play such a major role in wedding décor. They are fun, colourful, classic and give a certain fairy-tale style ambience that toes a promising line between romance and sophistication. When paper lanterns are introduced to wedding stationery trends, the result is predictably charming. A selection of vibrant colours against a white or kraft background or an understated monochrome design are just a couple of ways this trend makes its mark through your wedding accents.


The slogan trend that dominated the fashion catwalks throughout 2017 is making its way over to the wedding industry. Slogans give a great ‘90s throwback and a real Britpop style to your nuptials –– check out the work of my very talented friend DaisyBisley, here using the wonderful phrase from ‘Princess Bride’. Many of my couples have words, phrases, song lyrics, poems or books that are meaningful to them and they would like to incorporate into the wedding. This trend gives you the perfect opportunity to play with your words to create a design style that fits with your wedding mood board

I’d love to know which of these wedding stationery trends floats your boat and share more of my ideas on how to play with these trends to create something incredible. Chat to me on Instagram or get in touch to learn more about how we can work together to create your dream stationery.

Gavin McGregor